Lucas Tavernier

Lucas Tavernier is an appreciated and professional trainer, presenter and actor with experience in television, film and corporate theatre and simulations. He is fluent in several languages, including English, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch. He has appeared in the television series Wittekerke, Zone Stad and Thuis, among others, and has worked on international films such as The Pink Panther and The Monuments Men.

Lucas is a talented speaker in the field of communication, assertiveness, conflict management, customer service, handling difficult conversations and emotional intelligence.

Upcoming concerts

vr 22.12.23 18:00
za 23.12.23 18:00
wo 27.12.23 15:00

Winter Concert - Tchaikovsky The Nutcracker

Représentation en français avec surtitres en néerlandais le 22.12

Nederlandstalige voorstelling met Franse boventitels op 23.12