Symphony of Hope

Under the direction of our musical director Hugh Wolff and a group of musicians from the Belgian National Orchestra, we will perform an excerpt from Beethoven's Egmont Overture, our 'Symphony of Hope'. With this ensemble, we hope to bring you back to the atmosphere of a concert for a while.

In these times of uncertainty and isolation, we want you to hear and feel the power and beauty of music.  "Our orchestra and our passion for music contribute to the essence of our society. They make us aware of what we can achieve through close cooperation and listening, and the wonderful masterpieces we are then able to produce" (Hans Waege, Intendant).

Our view of the future is positive.  After all, this period also makes us aware of what really matters. "I hope that when this is over, we will come closer to each other with a deeper sense of fragility, and that we will appreciate more than ever being together, working hand in hand, and committing to a common good" (Hugh Wolff, conductor).

The whole is always more than the sum of its parts. So we hope that by combining our musical strengths we have been able to bring you some comfort.
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