How is your experience as Logo Ambassadeur enriched?

The Ambassadors is a group of music lovers who share a common passion: the love of unforgettable musical experiences.

Giving, but getting a lot in return. That is the philosophy of the Ambassadors concept. As Ambassador, you meet other music lovers who share your passion during exclusive moments. For example, during the 'Meet & Greets' with our musicians, conductors and guest artists, a unique opportunity to exchange ideas with them and get to know them better.

In addition, you are welcome to attend at least one private dress rehearsal, a special experience. The same goes for the presentation of the new season, a delicious foretaste of unforgettable moments throughout the year. In addition, we also invite you to several concert introductions. You will receive more information about the dates and content of these events in the special newsletters for our Ambassadors.

All these privileges are exclusive to the Ambassadeurs of the Belgian National Orchestra.


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