Filipe Raposo

Classic piano studies by Conservatório Nacional de Lisboa, Master in Piano Jazz Performance by Royal College of Music (Stockholm), and Bachelor’s degree in Classical Composition by Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa.

Filipe Raposo was born in Lisbon.

His grandmother’s piano was his favorite toy since he was little, and the religious music choir gave him an impulse to start piano studies at the age of eleven. A quick music development led him to discover improvisation on his own, and during his classical training as a pianist, he soon became interested in jazz, improvised music and traditional music.

Since 2001 he works as a composer, arranger, and pianist with many of the leading names in Portuguese music, theater and film.

Furthermore, since 2004 he accompanies on piano, silent movies in Portuguese Cinemateca in Lisbon and has recorded original sound tracks for DVDs from silent era: “Lisboa Crónica Anedótica”, “Nazaré, Praia de Pescadores”, “O Táxi nº 9297”, “Frei Bonifácio”, “Barbanegra”.

“First Falls” (2011), his first album as a leader, reveals a wide range of influences, unified by improvisation. Being awarded the prestigious Amália’s Foundation Prize, it is the confirmation of a young magnificent composer in dialogue with exceptional musicians.

Original albums:

– First Falls (2011)

– A Hundred Silent Ways (2013)

– Inquiétude (2015);

– Rita Maria & Filipe Raposo Live in Oslo (2018).

– Øcre vol.1 (2019)

– The Art of Song: When Baroque Meets Jazz (2020)

– Øbsidiana vol.2 (2022)


© Photo by Hugo Amaral