We’re starting to crave spring! We’re yearning to bring sunshine into our lives, to fill up with energy, to embrace positive vibes and enjoy the human warmth around us.

“Budding talent” from the Belgian National Orchestra, namely the four youngest musicians, launched an initiative – to bring some light to the Citadelle Hospital in Liège, to spectators who could attend in person as well as to our much larger online audience. Indeed, sharing music is a means to prompt feelings and emotions, but above all, to bring forth life! Music is a social fabric that our musicians are determined to keep on weaving.

Over the span of one concert, a group of patients and hospital staff were able to find comfort and relief in the performance by our four musicians. On Sunday 14 March, a string and wind quartet from the orchestra brightened up their day with music: a foretaste of the spring equinox.

This initiative was made possible thanks a the collaboration with our partner Ethias.