Bob Permentier, new Intendant of the BNO

A new chapter opens for the Belgian National Orchestra with the appointment of Bob Permentier as Intendant

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Affairs, Foreign Trade and Federal Cultural Institutions, Hadja Lahbib, has appointed Bob Permentier as Intendant of the Belgian National Orchestra. This appointment marks an important milestone in the orchestra's history, promising new perspectives and inspiring leadership for years to come. Bob Permentier, a dedicated member of the orchestra since 1994, brings with him a wealth of experience and an undeniable passion for symphonic music.


"It's an honor to join the Belgian National Orchestra as Intendant. Having been a member of the orchestra for over three decades, and having directed B-Classic, I am acutely aware of the importance of this institution to Belgian cultural life. I look forward to working with our outstanding musicians and partners to continue to promote the artistic excellence and accessibility of symphonic music", says Bob Permentier.


His remarkable career, spanning more than three decades at the bassoon desk, testifies to his commitment to artistic excellence and his deep attachment to the orchestra. As Artistic Director of B-Classic, the Limburg branch of the Festival van Vlaanderen, Bob Permentier has demonstrated his ability to innovate and unite around classical music. His strategic vision for the Belgian National Orchestra focuses on building bridges between symphonic music and Belgian society, while maintaining a balance between tradition and innovation.


Bob Permentier's appointment as Intendant opens up new perspectives for the orchestra, promising exciting programming and innovative initiatives. We look forward to seeing what the future holds under his inspiring leadership.


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