Karthaüser & Mozart / Dvořák 6

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Mon 29.03.21 20:00

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Figaro Overture

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Alma grande e nobil core, KV. 578

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Basta, vincesti...Ah non lascarmi, no   K486a

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Bella mia fiamma - Resta, oh cara, KV. 528

Antonin Dvořák, Symphony No.6 in D major, op. 60

The Belgian soprano Sophie Karthäuser hardly needs an introduction: for over twenty years, she’s been renowned as one of the most sublime interpreters of Mozart in the European opera and concert world. She performs three Mozart arias with the Belgian National Orchestra, conducted by chief conductor Hugh Wolff.

Anti-Czech sentiment prevented the premiere of Antonín Dvořák’s Symphony No. 6 in Vienna, even though it was written for Hans Richter, chief conductor of the Wiener Philharmoniker. In the space of a few years, burgeoning nationalism had turned Dvořák from an acculturated German into a Czech who posed a threat to the Germanic culture that was dominant in Vienna at the time. However, following its highly successful premiere in Prague, Dvořák’s Symphony No. 6 quickly gained popularity in the rest of Europe. Many were charmed by its well-balanced blend of the modernism of Liszt and Wagner, the conservatism of Brahms and rather a lot of Czech folk elements (such as the use of a Bohemian dance, the Furiant, in the third movement).


Hugh Wolff, conductor

Sophie Karthäuser, soprano


Hugh Wolff

Hugh Wolff is among the leading conductors of his generation.  He has appeared with all the major American orchestras including those of Chicago, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, S