One of our core missions is to invest in the audience of the future. We do this by organising family and school performances in which mime, theatre and video images open doors for a young generation to the music of Mozart and Prokofiev, for example. Unfortunately, despite advanced preparations, we had to postpone both our Christmas concert and the youth project Prokofiev Revisited to a later season.

However, we do not want to leave you and your (grand)children out in the cold during this end-of-year period, and so from today onwards we are offering WINTERSUITE, an animated concert that we created last year to continue to stimulate children's imaginations even in less obvious times.

The starting point for WINTERSUITE is the composition Ma mère L'Oye by French composer Maurice Ravel. This suite of several movements is based on the fairy tales of Mother Goose and gives voice to stories such as Sleeping Beauty, Tom Thumb and The Beauty and the Beast. Five instrumentalists of the Belgian National Orchestra perform an adaptation of this fairy-tale music, assisted by the charismatic pianist - and once Queen Elisabeth Laureate - Eliane Rodrigues.

Inspired by Ravel's music, Grégoire Pont's virtuoso drawing pen has created its own universe in WINTERSUITE, where drawings suddenly come to life and where they hop from one adventure to the next. The drawings were projected on a screen as well as on the musicians themselves. The recording took place in the extraordinary Art Deco setting of the Residence Palace.

With this fairy-tale suite, we wish you a happy end-of-year season!

This video can be viewed until 19 January 2022.

Musical greetings,

The Belgian National Orchestra