Family concert : Ela Stic

Sat 23.11.19 11:00
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€ 10
Sat 23.11.19 14:00
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€ 10

Sergei Prokofiev & Dirk Brossé, Excerpts

Every day on the way to the school of earthworms, Ela Stic meets a mysterious but very kind bird.

Ela did not dare to tell her parents that she would like to have such a bird for a friend. Mom and Dad Stic warn their daughter every day about the dangers lurking below and above the ground.

Fortunately, the brave Pier is his best friend. Would he understand that one can tie a friendship with a bird?

So, on a beautiful sunny morning, the earth shook and Ela Stic was the bravest of all earthworms...

Ela Stic is an invitation to a journey through music, images and movement. Illustrations on a large screen accompany young ears during the concert. Children participate, have fun and learn to listen carefully.

11.00 (NL) & 14.00 (FR)


Bruno Coppens (FR) & Nico Sturm (NL), narrators

In collaboration with BOZAR, Jeugd en Muziek Brussel, Jeunesses Musicales de Bruxelles


Martijn Dendievel

Martijn Dendievel (° 1995) toonde van kleins af aan een grote interesse voor muziek, en is vandaag uitgegroeid tot een muzikale duizendpoot.