Eva L'Hoest

Eva L'Hoest studied in her hometown of Liège at the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts. She currently lives and works in Brussels. Her sculptures, performances and audiovisual installations are exhibited worldwide. She has already been a guest at the Riga Biennale, the Malmö Art Museum in Sweden, the 15th Lyon Biennale, the Okayama Art Summit Triennial in Japan and Casino Luxembourg. She recently had solo exhibitions at the Brussels Botanique (The Inmost Cell) and at Liebaerts Projects in Kortrijk (Don't Feed The Birds). Her most recent work was on display at the Sydney Biennale. In October 2022, she received the Edward Steichen Award from MUDAM Luxembourg.

Eva L'Hoest's work - sculptures, performances and audiovisual installations - deploys digital language as an archaeological tool to answer questions about our origins and memories. In her oeuvre, she explores how both collective and individual mental images can be reactivated and reanimated in a technological form. For her, technologies such as 3D design and computer graphics are, on the one hand, prostheses for understanding the world; on the other, she explores the potential of these technologies as an artistic medium.

Eva L'Hoest worked for a year on the FIREBIRD project. Inspired by archaeological research and researchers at UCL - Aegean Interdisciplinary Studies, she used CGI to develop images that will be projected in large scale at Bozar during the performance. The images draw parallels between Egyptian sun worship and our energy addiction, between the immortality of the mythical firebird and the long half-life of radioactive waste, between Sibelius' swan and the regenerative nature of nature.