By sharing, everything becomes so much more valuable

Welcome to Ambassadors of the Belgian National Orchestra

Music evokes different emotions in everyone and that’s what makes every concert of the Belgian National Orchestra such a special and individual experience for each of us. It is therefore our mission to explore the depths of the human soul. The varied programme we offer is a rich stimulus to achieve this.

But music must also unite. Many faithful visitors to our performances want to give an extra dimension to their involvement in the Belgian National Orchestra. This is why we have developed a concept to bring you closer to our musicians, other visitors, and the world of the Belgian National Orchestra: Ambassadors.

Ambassadors of the Belgian National Orchestra: united by the same passion

Ambassadors is a group of people passionate about the same thing: love for unforgettable musical experiences. Through their financial support, our Ambassadors give the Belgian National Orchestra extra oxygen. To explore new horizons. To give lasting impulses to the high artistic level. But also to encourage our more than 80 musicians. Without the support and involvement of our Ambassadors, their creativity would be curtailed. The commitment and generosity strengthen us and unite like-minded people.

How is your experience as one of our Ambassadors enriched?

Give, but get a lot in return. That is the philosophy of the Ambassadors concept. As a Ambassador, you meet other music lovers who share your passion during exclusive moments. For example, during the two meeting days with our musicians. A unique opportunity to exchange ideas with them and get to know them better.

In addition, you are welcome at two private general rehearsals, a special experience. The same goes for your presence at the performance of the new season. A delicious foretaste of unforgettable moments throughout the year. In addition, intendant Hans Waege personally invites you to two introductions to a concert in which he gives an insight. You will receive information about the dates and content of these events in the special newsletter for our Ambassadors.

Of course, we would like to show our appreciation for you as a Ambassador with financial advantages. You are entitled to 20% discount on ticket prices (cat. I, II and III) and 10% discount on subscriptions.

All these privileges are exclusive to Ambassadors of the Belgian National Orchestra.

How do you become one of our Ambassadors?

You choose between three formulas.

  • Uno:  Individual membership for € 60 per year
  • Duo: Membership for 2 persons (free of choice) for € 110 per year
  • Family: Membership for 2 adults and their children under 18 years of age for 90€


“Music is pre-eminently an emotion to share. That’s why we value so much a community in which that kinship can flourish. Our Ambassadors allow their hearts to speak as individuals and thus discover that togetherness is a greatest wealth in today’s life”

Hans Waege