Kseniya Simovona


Since she was a child, Kseniya painted, drew and designed with her mother who was a real fairy for a little girl. There was no doubt for them about her entering the Volkoff’s Artistic School of Evpatoriya, one of the best schools in Ukraine. She graduated from the Artistic school of Evpatoriya with the highest scores. After that Kseniya realized she could not longer live without serious artistic studying and decided to continue. She asked the Headmaster of Fine Arts School for a permission to study in the Class of her mother and after finishing the course entered the specialized studio for young artists on the base of the School of Fine Arts in Evpatoriya.

The idea of making a sand performance came not to Kseniya, but to her husband Igor Paskaru, who wanted to include that to a new project of his theatre «Private Collection». Firstly Kseniya refused: «Immediately I realized that this is the thing very difficult to perform with. It was sand — not pencils or paints. No fixation! How this can be used as a drawing material?!» But she felt she was close to her dream — being an unusual artist who can be free from a pencil and paints. At the same time, the situation was very severe — their magazine was frozen, the business collapsed. Kseniya and Igor were driving their ship on the wave of a crisis with a little son who was just 10 month. Simonova remembers: «I had a terrible depression. Nothing was interesting for me, no colors around, just grey world... I had problems with lactation and somehow had to calm myself. Igor said: «Either we will go crazy or let’s do something! What about the sand?» I said: «Why not?»

Kseniya became the winner of the show «Ukraine’s got talent» in 2009 and got 100,000 euro. She was named an on-line sensation when during a day her video from the show received more than a million views. During a year it got over 25 million views. Kseniya understood what happened only when she returned to her native town Evpatoria. She could no longer walk freely in the streets. She was surrounded by people everywhere, and was always asked for an autograph. On the money they won, Igor and Kseniya have bought a house in Evpatoria. Immediately they got hundreds of invitations to come and make a sand performance from all over the world. In her interviews, Simonova said: «It’s not me who did it. It’s God who did it. I don’t know why, I don’t think I deserve so many wonders in my life. I am eternally happy!»